20 – Orchestral works 6x

1-Allemande arranged for orchestra (piano, harpsichord, flutes, strings and brass). LaWV-103.

2-Intro originated in 2011 when searching for an intro for the Adagio. The moving and simplicity of it inspired me to work it out further. LaWV-129.

Pop –  Guitar and orchestra
3-This track was made in 2013. Guitar with orchestra (violin pizzicato and trombone).

Minimal music  – Piano and orchestra.

4-In a hurry. Piano Solo. Edited for orchestra. Hurry  –  In a hurry  –  se dépêcher. LaWV-374- July 2018.

For the Piano Solo version see: 19 Piano Solo 2 no. 4.

Light Classical – Orchestra, piano, chimes and choir.

5-LaWV-394- December 2018.

6-Minimal music. Edited for piano, strings & double bass.
Lawv 400 december 2018.

vitamin  l o v e  –  Vitamine  l i e f d e  –  a m o u r  vitamine  –  vitamin  l o v e.
Take three times a day  –  Neem drie maal daags  –  prendre troi fois par jour.